Numerical Investigation of Optimal Dynamic Measurements

Aleksandr L. Shestakov, Georgy A. Sviridyuk, Alevtina V. Keller, Alyona A. Zamyshlyaeva, Yurii V. Khudyakov


The basic ideas of mathematical modeling of optimal dynamic measurements are presented. The key thing is to construct a mathematical model of the measuring transducer, which allows simulating also a complex measuring transducer. In this manuscript we propose such a mathematical model and we discuss its results obtained through numerical studies in a variety of cases: from the simplest, without considering disturbances, to the case when a deterministic disturbance, for example resonances, occur at the input and at the output of the measuring transducer. Lastly, the importance of the description of the set of admissible measurements in the modeling of dynamic measurements is discussed.

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