System for measuring vacuum-pump performance using the standard throughput method


  • Sheng-Jui Chen



Ultimate pressure of a vacuum system is determined by two parameters, namely the total gas load of vacuum system and the pumping speed (volume flow rate) of vacuum pump.  After the total gas load of a system is estimated, the required pumping speed can be set.  In this study, we constructed a system for measuring the pumping speed of vacuum pump according to ISO 21360-1:2012, in which three methods are described, i.e. the throughput method, the orifice method and the pump-down method.  The vacuum pump under test is designed to be used in low vacuum range for evacuating a chamber at high pumping speed.  For this reason, the throughput method was selected as the main method.  The system consists of pressure gauges, thermometers, a flow meter and a test chamber.  The system was used to measure the pumping speed at the inlet of the vacuum pump at several pressure points.  We present the system setup, uncertainty evaluation and vacuum-pump performance results of this work.






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