A Novel Design of an Augmented Reality Based Navigation System & its Industrial Applications


  • Timotei Erdei
  • Zsolt Molnár
  • Nwachukwu C. Obinna
  • Géza Husi




Maintenance activities are integral within an industrial setting. The efficiency of these activities is associated with the total productivity of an industrial process/machine. A highly efficient maintenance policy/strategy usually results in relatively high levels of plant productivity. AR and VR may be incorporated into a maintenance strategy. AR and VR technology would enhance maintenance activities, and facilitate somewhat complex tasks.

A maintenance strategy includes a range of activities and may be categorized into administrative, technical and management processes. AR technology contains digital data, as well as other technical details, and is able to provide information about industrial machinery-equipment, without the need for equipment disassembling.

In this regard, we employed AR technology in developing a unique navigation system to replace/reduce the installation costs of traditional AGV navigation systems. The proposed AR system consists of a camera, which observes the QR-Code/Markers, and a processing unit.

Augmented Reality enables visualisation of any data and information, as well as control of a running process. It means it is possible to read various data within any equipment, during its operation and in real-time. This facilitates analysis of “black box” systems.






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