Hardware-in-the-loop test based non-intrusive diagnostics of cyber-physical systems using microcontroller debug ports


  • Balázs Scherer Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, H-1117 Magyar tudósok krt. 2 IE444, Budapest Hungary




Cyber-physical systems have extensive contact with the physical world. Usually during the development of these systems, the testing phase cannot be done efficiently or safely in the complete real environment, and therefore HIL (Hardware In the Loop) simulators are used. During HIL testing, diagnostic protocols are used very often to gather detailed information about the DUT’s (Device Under Test) internal state. Diagnostic protocols are very useful during testing, but they cause a significant load to the DUT. This paper introduces a novel approach to replace traditional diagnostic protocols with a non-intrusive solution. The presented method is based on the debug capabilities of modern ARM Cortex M core microcontroller, and uses a CMSIS-DAP (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard Debug - Access Port) based interface. This paper also introduces a solution to integrate this non-intrusive measurement method to NI LabVIEW based test environments and NI VeriStand based HIL simulations. 






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