Molten metal’s reaction force measurement for pressure estimation and control system construction in press casting


  • Ryosuke Tasaki Toyohashi University of Technology
  • Kazuhiko Terashima Department of Mechanical Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology



This paper presents a measurement system for molten metal’s reaction force and estimation of liquid pressure during pressing to control the iron product quality. We have developed a new type of casting process. In the process, molten metal is quickly filled into casting molds by high-speed pressing. Casting defects such as physical metal penetration is often caused by excess pressure. Hence, we have constructed a pressure control system using a mathematical model-based off-line simulation to derive the ideal feedforward control input of pressing. However, it is difficult to accurately control the pressure in cases of varying conditions such as liquid volume and temperature changes. Also, pressure measurements by using contact-type sensors directly is impossible for molten metal, because of the high temperature of the liquid, over 1400 °C. So, we have proposed a new pressure estimation method with force measurement data processing. Here, the exact reaction force from the molten metal must be accurately observed by a force sensor set between the upper mold and its elevating device. The viscosity coefficient can also be calculated on a real-time basis. The proposed force measurement system will realize an improved casting quality due to the effective feed-back control system.






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