EMVA 1288 Camera characterisation and the influences of radiometric camera characteristics on geometric measurements

Maik Rosenberger, Chen Zhang, Pavel Votyakov, Marc Preißler, Rafael Celestre, Gunther Notni


Over the past decades, a large number of imaging sensors based mostly on CCD or CMOS technology were developed. Datasheets provided by their developers are usually written on their own standards and no universal figure of merit can be drawn from them for comparison purposes. The EMVA 1288 is a standard aims to overcome this problem by setting parameters and experimental setup for radiometric characterisation of cameras. An implementation of an experimental setup and software environment for radiometric characterisation of imaging sensors following the guidelines of the EMVA 1288 is presented here. Using simulations, the influences and impact of several EMVA 1288 parameters on geometric measurements can be estimated. This paper also presents a signal model and image acquisition chain; measurements of radiometric characteristics of an image sensor; and sensor evaluation for geometric measurements, where the aforementioned influences on geometric measurements are discussed.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21014/acta_imeko.v5i4.356