The high official Harkhuf and the inscriptions of his tomb in Aswan (Egypt). An integrated methodological approach.


  • Andrea Angelini CNR - ITABC
  • Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi
  • Marina Baldi



TECH project (Technology for the Egyptian Cultural Heritage) aimed to document an Egyptian monument for Egyptological studies and researches but, at the same time, to check a new methodological approach for conservation, valorisation and enhancement. In particular, the CNR mission focused the attention on the tomb of Harkhuf, a high official of the VI dynasty (XXIII century BC), who led trading and military expeditions into Nubia. The hieroglyphic texts inscribed on the façade of his tomb are very important and famous documents. The team checked an innovative and integrated methodology. The methodology has been focused mainly on the use of digital photogrammetric systems in order to generate an accurate numerical model (3D) and to facilitate the epigraphic study. Different procedures have been established in the processing and representation steps in order to accomplish the final communication of the results. Moreover climatic measurements have been carried out in order to understand the role of environmental factors on the deterioration of the monument. Finally the data have been crossed in order to check the environmental impact and the decay.






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