Geometric part of uncertainties in the calculation constant of the primary four electrode conductivity cell.


  • Alexander Mikhal
  • Zygmunt Warsza



The paper presents the construction of a primary four electrode conductivity cell with calculated constant for the Ukrainian primary  standard of electrolytic conductivity (EC). The equations for calculating the cell constant and the error budget for calculating uncertainty are presented. The components of the budget are: errors due to the non-uniformity of the force lines of the electric field; errors  due to the accuracy of measurement standards and measuring instruments for determining length and diameter of the tube; and  errors due to manufacturing techniques of tubes and their assemblage. The article considers in detail the errors due to the non-ideal profile of the central part of the tube. Two methods to reduce the standard deviation are given: the method of linear interpolation for  compensation of the concave form which occurs along the axis of the tube and the method of equivalent triangles to compensate for  deviations from a circle that occur across the axis of the tube.

Author Biography

Alexander Mikhal

Ph.D. (Eng), senior researcher of Institute of electrodynamics National Academy of Science Ukraine, Kyiv.






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