Statistical characterization of the 2.45 GHz propagation channel aboard trains


  • Annalisa Liccardo University of Naples Federico II
  • Andrea Mariscotti University of Genoa
  • Attilio Marrese University of Naples Federico II
  • Nicola Pasquino University of Naples Federico II
  • Rosario Schiano Lo Moriello University of Naples Federico II



The propagation channel aboard trains is investigated with reference to the propagation path loss within cars, the delay spread and the coherence bandwidth. Results show that the path loss exponent is slightly smaller than in free space, possibly due to reflections by metal walls, and that it does not depend significantly on the position of transmitter and receiver. The delay spread and coherence bandwidth depend on both the polarization and distance between transmitter and receiver while the effect of interaction is not statistically significant. The best fit for both delay spread’s and coherence bandwidth’s experimental distribution is also investigated. Results show that it does not always match models suggested in the literature and that the fit changes with the values of the input parameters. Finally, the functional law between coherence bandwidth and delay spread is determined. Results typically match expectations although the specific measurement configuration effects the model parameters.






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