Calibration of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges with 1333 Pa full scale by Direct Comparison to Resonant Silicon Gauge and Static Expansion System


  • Hajime Yoshida AIST, NMIJ
  • E. Komatsu AIST, NMIJ
  • K. Arai AIST, NMIJ
  • M. Kojima AIST, NMIJ
  • H. Akimichi AIST, NMIJ
  • T. Kobata AIST, NMIJ



Two capacitance diaphragm gauges (CDGs) with 1333 Pa full scale, with a heated sensor head and an unheated one, respectively, were calibrated by three different methods; direct comparison to a resonant silicon gauge calibrated by a pressure balance, direct comparison to a CDG with 133 Pa full scale calibrated by a static expansion method, and the static expansion method. The calibration results of the three calibration methods show good agreement within their claimed uncertainties. Calibrated higher pressure points of CDGs by the pressure balance and lower pressure ones by the static expansion system are linearly interpolated within the calibrated uncertainty. Here, compensation of the thermal transpiration effect is important when a CDG is used with a heated sensor head.






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