Impact of modern instrumentation on the system of basic concepts in metrology


  • J. M. Jaworski Warsaw University of Technology
  • J. Bek Warsaw University of Technology
  • A. J. Fiok Warsaw University of Technology



This is a reissue of a paper which appeared in ACTA IMEKO, Proceedings of the 11th Triennial World Congress of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO), "Instrumentation for the 21st century", 16.-21.10.1988, Houston, pp. 125-134.

The paper is devoted to the new system of basic concepts in metrology which better fits to the development of contemporary instrumentation and measurement science. The existing concepts are confronted with the current needs; their modifications or new concepts are proposed. In particular the concepts of quantity and measurement method have been broadened and generalised. The proposed system is based on understanding of measurement as an experiment of parameter identification of the model of the measured object. One of the most important new concepts introduced here is the concept of measuring metasystem which comprises not only instrumentation but also the measured object, a "measurement interface" between the object and instrumentation and the operator.






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