New education strategy in quality measurement technique with image processing technologies - chances, applications and realisation


  • Maik Rosenberger Ilmenau University of Technology
  • Mathias Schellhorn Ilmenau University of Technology
  • Gerhard Linß Ilmenau University of Technology



According to the publication "New education strategy in quality measurement technique with image processing technologies" presented on the 14th Joint International IMEKO TC1+TC7+TC13 Symposium, in this paper further issues were discussed. So the theory of quality charts especially with the use of data sets generated with camera sensors are enlarged in this publication. Furthermore an additional application, developed in the department Quality assurance and Industrial Image Processing was added to this issue. The main focus of this paper lays on the realization, how to combine image processing with classical quality assurance methods. To gain the importance of this trial two industrial applications were used to describe the problem. Mostly the technical realization of sensor systems and data processing is completely separated to quality inspection tasks. To close this gap special trainings as well as special parts in the lectures were developed and structured. In sum it ends to one deepening direction, Opto Techniques in the consecutive Master - Bachelor program Optronic on the Ilmenau University of Technology.

Author Biography

Maik Rosenberger, Ilmenau University of Technology

Department of quality assurance and industrial image processing, head of research group Qualimess;






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