Establishing a metrological infrastructure and traceability of electrical power and energy in the R. Macedonia

Ljupco Arsov, Marija Cundeva-Blajer


In the paper the current state and the establishment of metrology infrastructure and traceability of the measurements of electrical power and energy, i.e. the creation of conditions for unity of power and energy measurements, international comparability of the results and measurements which insure fair trade and consumers' protection are elaborated. Beside the legal, also other aspects are discussed, like the needs for calibration and verification in the field of electrical power and energy, participants in the chain of measurements and trade with electrical energy, the organization, the infrastructure, the methods and the systems of calibration and verification. An organization and certain documents which will contribute to the establishment of a system in accordance with the international standards and practice, as well as traceability and fair trade, are proposed.

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