A proposal to minimize the dispersion on primary calibration results of single-ended accelerometers at high frequencies


  • Gustavo Palmeira Ripper INMETRO
  • Giancarlo Barbosa Micheli INMETRO
  • Ronaldo da Silva Dias INMETRO




Primary calibrations of single-ended accelerometers by laser interferometric methods can be strongly affected at high frequencies by the vibration exciter used to generate the mechanical motion. A study was carried out at the Vibration Laboratory of INMETRO aiming to better understand the causes of this dependence and to find a way to reduce its effect. A simple solution is proposed by the authors to reduce the dispersion on the sensitivity results evidenced when different vibration exciters are used. This proposal can be very helpful for calibration laboratories willing to compare results obtained in different measurement systems associated with low measurement uncertainties. Therefore, it might benefit processes, which includes for example the validation of calibration systems and interlaboratory comparisons.

Author Biographies

Gustavo Palmeira Ripper, INMETRO

Head of the vibration laboratory

Giancarlo Barbosa Micheli, INMETRO

Researcher of the vibration laboratory

Ronaldo da Silva Dias, INMETRO

Researcher of the vibration laboratory






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