The present of Italian Mediterranean buffalo: precision breeding based on multi-omics data


  • Mayra Gomez Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Specie Bufalina
  • Roberta Cimmino Italian National Association of Buffalo Breeders
  • Dario Rossi Italian National Association of Buffalo Breeders
  • Gianluigi Zullo Italian National Association of Buffalo Breeders
  • Giuseppe Campanile Federico II University Naples, Italy
  • Gianluca Neglia Federico II University Naples, Italy
  • Stefano Biffani National Research Council (CNR), Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology (IBBA)



buffalo, genetic improvement, genotype, phenotype, accuracy


Genetic evaluation in the Italian Mediterranean Buffalo (IMB) traditionally relied on the BLUP method (best linear unbiased predictor), a mixed model system incorporating both random and fixed effects simultaneously. However, recent advancements in genome sequencing technologies have opened up the opportunity to incorporate genomic information into genetic evaluations. The ssGBLUP (single-step best linear unbiased predictor) has become the method par excellence. It replaces the traditional relationship matrix with one that combines pedigree and genomic relationships, allowing for the estimation of genetic values for non-genotyped animals. The findings of this study highlight how genomic selection enhances the precision of breeding values, facilitates greater genetic advancement and reduces the generation interval, ultimately enabling a rapid return on investment.






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