Traceability ensuring by organizing the Metrological Measurements Network




Metrology Measurements Network, traceability, comparisons of measurement standards, interlaboratory comparisons calibration, measurement uncertainty


A new scheme for the traceability ensuring, called the Metrological Measurements Network, was proposed. It is not an alternative to the existing scheme but is only another form of implementation of the traceability scheme. It is about the main principle of construction of the Metrological Measurements Network and its advantages over the existing scheme. The main reason is that each laboratory calibrates its own object for measurement using its measurement standard and sends it for calibration to a laboratory-participant and, almost simultaneously, receives a similar object from another laboratory-participant that calibrated it. If each participant, at the same time as the others, makes at least four such calibrations and transfers between laboratories-participants, it will form a common and very precise Metrological Measurement Network in a very short time. It can cover hundreds and even thousands of laboratories in a short period of time. The joint processing of a large number of such measurements will help to define the additive and/or multiplicative biases of each measurement standards. Moreover, the reference conditions are imposed that the sum of additive and, separately, the sum of multiplicative biases for all measurement standards is equal to zero regardless of the number of network participants.

Author Biography

Oleksandr Samoilenko, SE "UKRMETRTESTSTANDART"

DScTech., Prof.






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