Acquisition and integration of differential pressure measurements on sails for boat performances improvement




Target Data, GPS data, Wind measurements, Sail Differential Pressure


In this paper, we integrated within a specifically developed acquisition system, denoted as Oceanus, the measurements from a differential pressure sensor between the two sides of a sail (windward and leeward sides); experiments have been performed using a light jib sail of a 35 feet cruising-racing yacht. We analyzed the correlation between such a signal and other standard signals usually present on board such as boat speed, intensity and direction of apparent or real wind; moreover, data from Inertial Measurement Units are handled. We also considered the Target Data, which depend on the actual point of sail, and the discrepancy between measured data and the predicted Targets is monitored as an error in terms of the true wind angle and boat velocity. In this way, the trimmer/helmsman can monitor the differential sail pressure together with Target data and decide to reduce the error with a correction in how sails are trimmed, rather than in how the boat is steered to achieve an improvement of boat performances. The resulting telemetry system represents an effective low cost solution, which is affordable even for amateur yachtsmen.






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