A Virtual Reality application for the exploration of a modern shipwreck: the case study of the Christoforos wreck


  • Matteo Collina Victoria University of Wellington https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4256-5283
  • Antonio Lagudi Università della Calabria
  • Fabio Bruno
  • Vincenzo Cosentino Università della Calabria
  • Raffaele Peluso 3DResearch
  • Anastasios Ktistis Skopelos Diving Center, Adrina beach Hotel, Panormos 370 03
  • Angelos Manglis Atlantis Consulting, Λ. Κατεχάκη 17, ΤΚ 115 25, Athens




Virtual Reality, Underwater Photogrammetry, Modern Shipwreck, Cultural Heritage, Computer Graphic Technologies


The paper presents the development of a Virtual Reality (VR) application to perform dives in the Christoforos Shipwreck. The huge wreck lies in the Panormos Bay of Skopelos island (Greece) at a depth of 45 meters. Based on a well-known methodology designed for ancient shipwrecks, the 3D reconstruction of the underwater site has been carried out by adjusting the workflow to survey modern shipwrecks. In particular, the methodology, based on photogrammetry, is capable to provide a highly detailed 3D reconstruction of the shipwreck in a few dives, considering issues like working depth, elevations, and thin elements modelling. Moreover, the paper describes the optimization of the 3D model and the software to be executed in low-performance Head Mounted Display (HMD) devices.

The resulting VR application, realized for touristic purposes, recreates the exact ambient conditions inside and outside the water simulating the flora and fauna of the place, the coastline, allowing users to live a recreational and educational experience by virtual diving in the underwater site.






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