Analysis and classification of Middle Palaeolithic lithic raw materials from Teixoneres cave: Project overview and initial resultss


  • Alicia Muñoz del Pozo
  • Bruno Gómez de Soler
  • Guillermo Bustos-Pérez
  • María Gema Chacón
  • Andrea Picin
  • Ruth Blasco
  • Florent Rivals
  • Anna Rufà
  • Jordi Rosell



Neanderthals, Teixoneres Cave, lithic raw materials, macroscopic and microscopic analysis


In this work, we present a new project that seeks to characterize lithic raw materials and the first results from a macroscopic and microscopic study of the archaeological material from sub-unit IIIb of Teixoneres Cave (NE Iberian Peninsula). During the late Middle Palaeolithic (MIS 3), multidisciplinary research has defined this site underwent short-term occupations by Neanderthals interspersed with visits from carnivores. The project aims to determine the procurement areas of the archaeological lithic materials discovered into the site, exploring the Neanderthals’ use of the territory. In the near future, this information will be plotted on a lithological map, along with possible procurement areas, with the aim of developing a graphic and dynamic model that will make it possible to establish routes of displacement to the site, the outcrops, and the Neanderthals’ mobility in the territory.







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