Automatic system to identify and manage garments for blind people


  • Luís Silva
  • Daniel Rocha
  • Filomena Soares
  • João Sena Esteves
  • Vítor Carvalho IPCA



Blind People, Automatic System, Garments, Colour Detection, Deep Learning


In recent years, there has been increased attention towards the integration of handicapped individuals in society, with significant efforts being made to promote their inclusion. Technology has played a critical role in this effort, with several technological solutions emerging to help handicapped people in their daily routines, enabling them to better integrate into society. However, there are still challenges that remain, particularly in the area of basic tasks for blind people, such as managing and identifying personal garments. This study seeks to provide an improvement in the quality of life and well-being of blind people. A mechatronic automatism that allows the identification of user garments using sensors was developed. An interface developed with the implementation of a server responsible for managing the requests from the user is integrated. Algorithms were implemented for segmentation and classification of garments and for detecting the predominant colors of each garment. By the results obtained it was evidenced that the system could be an efficient solution to reduce the time taken for garment selection, particularly in terms of color differentiation and the selection of combinations for blind people.






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