Decision-making on establishment of re-calibration intervals of testing, inspection or certification measurement equipment by data science


  • Marija Cundeva-Blajer Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies-Skopje



decision-making in conformity assessment, testing-inspection-certification, re-calibration interval, data fusion


This contribution is related to issues on decisions in conformity assessment, especially in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) predominantly based on measurement data. The digital transformation has started to impact the TIC sector, which is related to intensified utilization of data science in TIC. The quality of the data in big data analytics, is not always sufficiently addressed, especially in sectors with traditionally empirical approaches, such as TIC. This paper conducts a survey of options for deployment of data science in the TIC decision making processes, based on conclusions with complementary usage of empirical “measurements” and the “data science”. The focus of the discussion is centered over a case study where data fusion is applied for determining the TIC instrument calibration frequency, presenting a model to establish recalibration interval with reduced risk in the final decision delivery over the next re-calibration moment.







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