Developments of interlaboratory comparisons on pressure measurements in the Philippines


  • Mary Ness Salazar National Metrology Laboratory (Philippines), ITDI-DOST / University of Science and Technology, Korea



Pressure measurement, Intercomparison, Proficiency Testing, Interlaboratory Comparison


The National Metrology Laboratory of the Philippines, Industrial Technology Development Institute under the Department of Science and Technology (ITDI-DOST) offered first of its kind interlaboratory comparison in pressure measurement in the country following a demand survey identifying the gaps in proving the competency of local calibration laboratories. This paper presents the development in implementing the two interlaboratory comparisons in the Philippines with six years interval using the same pressure artefact. With its many objectives, the program also aimed to provide these laboratories access to proficiency testing (PT) to comply with the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. Comparatively, while both are considered successfully implemented, the improved awareness and commitment to quality of the participants and the enhanced competency of the pilot laboratory in implementing such activity are a few of the enumerated factors instigating the increase in the number of participants as well as those obtaining satisfactory results in the latter PT. The interlaboratory comparison schemes offered  aimed at sustaining the demands of metrology stakeholders and continuously develop this service to support further progress in the calibration and measurement capabilities of local laboratories in the country.






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