Phasor measurement unit based based reliability index for renewable-based power systems




Phasor Measurement Unit, Reliability Index, Converter-Interfaced Generation, Reporting Rate, Detection Latency


The fast growing of renewable energy sources is threatening the correct functioning of power systems, both at the transmission and distribution levels where the presence of converter-interfaced generation (CIG) is rapidly increasing.

Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) are widely known devices that can enhance power systems observability; however, their in-field performances are still compromised for what concerns low-inertia and fast transient conditions produced by contingencies.

This paper presents a new metric that is able to quantify the discrepancy between the acquired signal and the reconstruction based on the PMU estimates. More specifically, the correspondence between this metric and one of the PMU settings, namely the reporting rate, is examined. This study is carried out in four different scenarios all characterized by a strong presence of distributed CIG, installed at either distribution or transmission levels.

The results indicate the significance of evaluating not only such quantity for correct control but also the importance of the choice of the PMU settings in order to maintain proper control.






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