Material characterization and uncertainty evaluation at millimetre wave frequencies in TUBITAK UME


  • Erkan Danaci Dr.
  • Emre Cetin



material characterization, millimeter wave frequency, permittivity, relative dielectric coefficient, RF


The frequency response of the materials which are used in communication systems has gained increasing importance nowadays. Frequency response measurements of materials in laboratory environments do not contain sufficient information about real working environment conditions. The free space dielectric measurement method, known as one of the most frequently used material characterization methods at high frequencies, is used to give more accurate results under real operating conditions. In this study, using the TUBITAK UME’s infrastructure, the measurement results in free space at millimetre wave frequency, and the uncertainty calculations of the measurements are given for some materials such as Teflon, Fr4, Komacel, and Air. Measurements were performed at two different frequency bands such as E and D bands by using KMMS software which is known to run up to 50 GHz frequency. Measurement results of materials were compared with the known low-frequency response of the materials in this study. And uncertainty calculation model was discussed in this study either.






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