Digital Calibration Certificate in an industrial application




calibration, Digital Calibration Certificate, traceability, metrology, digitalization, Quality Infrastructure


Rapid growth of automation in combination with digitalization generates increasing need for measurement data, provided by sensors, the interface between real and digital world. In Industry 4.0 scheme the measurement data, including the calibration information, flows through the whole production chain in digital format. The present study demonstrated a fully digitalized environment for the calibration data generation, transfer, and usage in a Proof of Concept (PoC) project. Various stages of the PoC and different information systems used by the partners Aalto University, VTT MIKES, Beamex, Vaisala and Orion are discussed. The developed and tested digital calibration certificate (DCC) solution and its components are described. The major findings of the project include further need of DCC standardization and good practice subschemas. Development of the DCC is ongoing worldwide and the big picture goes even beyond the DCC. It is not only a question of calibration certificates and related data transfer to digital and machine-readable format, but also how this data could be used effectively.

Author Biographies

Juho Nummiluikki, Beamex

Product management, Digital Transformation Specialists

Sami Koskinen, Beamex

Product Development, Digital Transformation Director






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