How to stretch system reliability exploiting mission constraints: A practical roadmap for industries


  • Marco Mugnaini University of Siena
  • Ada Fort University of Siena



reliability design, mission, reliability assessment, reliability enhancement


Reliability analysis can be committed to companies by customers willing to verify whether their products comply with the major international standards or simply to verify the design prior of market deployment. Nevertheless, these analyses may be required at the very preliminary stages of design or when the design is already in progress due to low organizational capabilities or simple delay in the project implementation process. The results sometime maybe be far from the market or customer target with a subsequent need to redesign the whole asset. Of course, not all the cases fall in the worst scenario and maybe with some additional consideration on mission definition it is possible to comply with the proposed reliability targets. In this paper the author will provide an overview on the approach which could be followed to achieve the reliability target even when the project is still on-going providing a practical case study.






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