Indentation modulus at macro-scale level measured from Brinell and Vickers indenters by using the primary hardness standard machine at INRiM

Alessandro Schiavi, Claudio Origlia, Alessandro Germak, Giulio Barbato, Giovanni Maizza, Gianfranco Genta, Roberto Cagliero, Gianluca Coppola


In this paper, the experimental procedure and calculation model for the measurement of the indentation modulus by using the primary hardness standard machine at INRiM in the macro-scale range at room temperature is described. The indentation modulus is calculated based on the Doerner-Nix linear model and from accurate measurements of indentation load, displacement, contact stiffness, and hardness indentation imaging. Measurements are performed with both pyramidal (Vickers test) and spherical indenters (Brinell test). Test force is provided by a dead-weight machine, and the occurring displacement is measured by a laser-interferometric system. The geometrical dimensions of both the Vickers and Brinell indentations are measured by means of a micro-mechanical system and optical microscopy imaging techniques. Applied force and indentation depth are measured simultaneously, at a 16 Hz sampling rate, and the resultant loading-unloading indentation curve is obtained. Preliminary tests are performed on metal and alloy samples. Considerations and comments on the accuracy of the proposed method and analysis are discussed.

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